Winners of the various distances at the British Championships 2017
Cornelius, Joseph, Jade, Rob, Sam, Ellia and Gemma. Well done to all.
What a first day at the British Champs. I am always blown away by what a great crowd of people turn up to compete and to support. I love our international contingent who all get in the spirit and help to make it such a fab day - too many to name. The racing was great too with some very big PRs, but skate of the day - Gemma Cooper's 5km: 8min 13sec, taking 1.5 MINUTES off the British Record - an outstanding effort. Highlight of the day - our new group of PeeWee skaters, having fun, skating fast and smiling lots!
Stephen Airey
12 April

For those who like statistics: We (GBR) had 50 active skaters this season (skaters who did at least one race). This puts us as the 20th biggest skating nation out of the 45 countries active this season. It also puts us as the third largest skating nation without a 400m rink, only 14 skaters behind the biggest. The smallest of those with a rink has 140 skaters. Something to think about. (Denmark had 21 and Belgium 34 this season, with Australia at 11, Spain at 13, Ireland 1)
Results of Aldwych Skaters

Clare Upton 6th 55.85
Abby Keable 7th 59.69
Peter Carr 3rd 43.96
Anton Carter 7th 48.17
Paul Connaghton 9th 53.38
Peter Carter 12th 57.99
Joseph Armstrong 13th 1:02.71

Tanith Turner 2nd 1:42.82
Clare Upton 4th 1:55.60
Abby Keable 6th 2:15.28
Anton Carter 5th 1:37.14
Peter Carter 9th 1:56.63
Joseph Armstrong 10th 2:10.72

Tanith Turner 2nd 2:38.85
Clare Upton 4th 2:56.28
Abby Keable 7th 3:37.49
Anton Carter 6th 2:28.23
Peter Carter 11th 3:02.15

Paul Connaghton 3rd 5:42.58
Peter Carter 6th 6:41.52

Clare Upton 2nd 10:13.34
Peter Carr 2nd 8:39.90

NISA Cup                         100m 100m 300m 300m Total
14th Tanith Turner            13.19 13.34 32.30 32.46 240.583
18th Peter Carter            14.39 14.51 35.20 36.34 263.732
19th Clare Upton             14.71 14.96 35.78 36.51 268.833
22nd Abby Keable          15.03 15.57 37.87 38.36 280.049
23rd Joseph Armstrong 15.15 15.48 40.14 40.44 287.450

Team Pursuit 5 laps
1st Aldwych 3:21.07

Team Sprint
6th Aldwych 1:52.14