The Aldwych Speed Club is an affiliated long-track club. 

Long Track speed skating is run on a 400 metre ice track.
There are many indoor ice centres in Holland with 400 metre tracks
UK Long Track runs several training week-ends each year
at De Uithof in the Hague, from novice to expert.

More information on UK LongTrack HERE and HERE
UK (GBR) Records HERE
World Long Track results HERE
More information on 400 metre tracks in the Netherlands HERE

Long Track Race Results 22 December 2018

Dutch Masters Cup 2018-2019 - II Heerenveen (NED)
500m Men
16 of 85 Peter CARR M45 GBR 42,42 SB
1500m Men
7 of 35 Peter CARR M45 GBR 2.09,79 SB

UK Long Track Training Weekend Race Results 16 December 2018

Pupillen en Baancompetitie Junioren C Den Haag (NED)
300m Men - Pupillen
1 Dante DALILI      MYC 38,82 SB
4 Samuel SURGUY MYC 41,27 SB
5 Tom SMITH         MYB 41,28 SB
500m Men - Pupillen
1 Dante DALILI      MYC 1.05,92 PR SB
3 Samuel SURGUY MYC 1.06,77 SB
7 Tom SMITH         MYB 1.08,33 SB
1000m Men - Pupillen
1 Peter RICHES         MB2 1.18,06
2 Robert MITCHELL   M45 1.27,08 SB
3 Tom HARRIS           M? 1.41,65 PR SB
12 David BUTTERISS M75 1.54,48 SB

ISU Junior World Cup 24-25 Nov 2018 Tomaszów-Mazowiecki POL

24 Nov 2018   1000m   1.15,04
25 Nov 2018    500m   38,05
25 Nov 2018   1500m   1.57,89 SB
24 Nov 2018   1000m   1.24,86

Long Track Training Weekend and Races

November 17th and 18th was the second UKlongtrack weekend of the season. It was well supported by about 20 skaters aged from under 10 to over 70 years old. Three on ice sessions were preceeded by warm ups and dry land training. Races were held on Saturday (seniors and up) and Sunday (juniors).
Click HERE for results

Long Track News 15.10.18

UK Long Track Results HERE

The Alternative Elfstedentocht (11-Cities-Tour) at Weissensee takes place from Mon. 21st of January to Fri. 1st of February 2019.
Paul Connaghton of Aldwych Speed Club will be there again for the 2019 edition after successfully completing the 200km course in January 2018.
Best of luck Gary.

Long Track Race Results

Heerenveen (NED) 6 October 2018
500m Men (39 competitors)
7 Cornelius KERSTEN MSA GBR 36,70 SB
26 Peter RICHES MB2 GBR 38,53 SB
1000m Men 20 competitors
15 Peter RICHES MB2 GBR 1.14,73 SB

Long Track News 2018/19

Training weekends for UK Longtrack
Sep 15 - Sep 16
Season Opening & Talent Spotting Weekend at Elfstedenhal | Leeuwarden | Friesland | Netherlands
1st Training Weekend of the 2018-19 season and UK Longtrack Talent Spotting Weekend.
Oct 6 - Oct 7
Back On Ice Weekendat De Uithof | Den Haag | Netherlands
Opening weekend at De Uithof, NL.
Full weekends training session.
Nov 17 - Nov 18
Training Weekend at De Uithof | Den Haag | Netherlands

Several 400m tracks in Netherlands open during September; Elfstedenhal at Leeuwarden on 17th and Thielf at Heerenveen on 11th. Most others open first or second week in October.

British Long Track Championship 2018 Results

British Long Track Championship 2018 which was held on 24th and 25th March at De Uithof, Den Haag, Netherlands
Results can be found HERE
Results of Aldwych Skaters

Long Track News 2018

In January Peter Riches did 3000m in Minsk in 4.19.65.
In March in Salt Lake City Peter broke his 3 British records.
The new records are 1000m 1.13.88, 500m 37.11 and 1500m 1.51.03.
In January in the Masters in Italy Clare Upton came 4th overall (L50) 500m 56,95, 1500m 3.00,04, 1000m 1.52.61 and 3000m 6.05.61.
Peter Carr came 2nd overall (M45) 500m 42,69, 1500m 2.11,44, 3000m 4.52,79, 5000m 8.22,45
In March in Heerenveen Paul Connaghton did a PB in 500m 50.55 and did 1000m in 1.42.48.
In February in Finland Theo, Peter & Johanco Veldsman (Sheff) plus some Danish skaters made up a team to compete against Finland, Norway & Sweden in the Country Match.
Theo did 3 PBs 500m 46.61, 1000m 1.36.68 & 1500m 2.26.45.

Long Track News 16th January 2018

27th Masters’ International All-Round Games at
Baselga di Pinè (Trento - Italy), January 19th, 20th, 21st, 2018

Long Track News 28th December 2017

Leeuwarden (NED) 28 December 2017

5000m Ladies
1 Ellia Smeding LN1 GBR 7.56,31 NR PR SB

10000m Ladies
1 Clare Upton L50 GBR 22.06,60 NR TR PR SB

5000m Men
1 Jarno Schellekens MA1 BEL 7.15,19 NRJ PR SB
2 Jonathan Schildermans MN1 BEL 7.36,98 PR SB
3 Philip Brojaka M30 GBR 7.56,02 SB

10000m Men
1 Mark Ooijevaar M30 NED 14.01,61 TR
2 Jelmer Elting MSA NED 16.33,77 PR SB
3 Robert Mitchell M45 GBR 16.34,61 PR SB
4 Peter Carr M45 GBR 18.33,20 PR SB
5 Thomas Fell M30 GBR 19.33,68 PR SB

NR=National record, TR=Track record, PB=Personal best, SB=Seasons best

Long Track News 30th October 2017

After standing for almost 30 years the British Long Track speed skating record for 1000 metre juniors was broken by Samual Airey of the UK on 29th September 2017 at the Max Archer Stadium in Inzell, Germany. Eight days later he went on to break it again by 0.09 sec. at the same 400 metre ice stadium.
Only 13 days later (on 20th October) Peter Riches based in the UK and who trains at the Aldwych Speed Club at the Guildford Spectrum broke this record by 0.39 sec. at the same stadium to set a time of 1:16.82 (new British record).
In the 1500 metre catagory (on 22nd October) Peter Riches set a time of 1:57.92 taking 2.7 sec. off the previous British record time set by Samual Airey on 27 November 2016 after being unbroken for nearly 29 years .
Sam Airey holds the 500m junior British record of 38.47 set on 29.09.2017 at Inzell which he first broke in 29.11.2015 after nearly 27 years standing. Peter Riches best time of 38,71 set on 25 October 2017 at Inzell is oh so close. Look out Sam!

Long Track News 23rd October 2017

At the recent International Race held at the Max Archer Stadium in Inzell on 20 - 22 October 2017, Peter Riches attained two new Brirish Long Track junior records in the 1000 and 1500 metre distances.
1000m 1.16,82 - 20 October 2017
1500m 1.57,92 - 22 October 2017

UK Long Track Calendar 2017/18

    Summer Ice @ Leeuwarden Aug 25 - Aug 28
Back On Ice Weekend @ De Uithof Sep 30 ‐ Oct 01
5 Day Training Camp @ De Uithof Oct 23 ‐ Oct 27
Training Weekend @ De Uithof Nov 18 ‐ Nov 19
Training Weekend @ De Uithof (and party) Dec 9 ‐ Dec 10
10km Event @ Leeuwarden Dec 28
Training Weekend @ De Uithof Jan 13 ‐ Jan 14
Masters All round, Baselga di Pine ITA. 19-21 of Jan
Training Weekend @ De Uithof Feb 4 ‐ Feb 5
XXIII Olympic Winter Games Feb 9-25 South Korea Pyeong Chang
Training Weekend @ De Uithof Feb 26 ‐ Feb 27
Masters Sprint games, Moscow RUS. 3-4 Mar
Training Weekend @ De Uithof Mar 10 ‐ Mar 11
2018 British Long Track Championships @ De Uithof Mar 24 ‐ Mar 25

British Long Track Championships 2017

Saturday 25th and Sunday 26th March 2017 at De Uithof, Den Haag, Netherlands
Results: 500m - 1000m - 1500m - 3000m - 5000m - NISA Cup
Results of Aldwych Skaters
Picture Gallery

British Long Track Championships 2017

Saturday 25th and Sunday 26th March 2017 at De Uithof, Den Haag, Netherlands
Sat 25th - 8:30am Signing in opens, 9:00 - 9:30am On ice warm up
9:45am Opening ceremony, 500m, 1000m, 5km, 3km, 1500m, 17:00 - Prizegiving, 18:00 - Social event
Sun 26th - 8:30am Signing in opens, 8:45am On ice warm up
9:15am Racing starts, Supersprint, Team sprint, Team pursuit, Peewee Marathon, Marathon
13:00 - Prizegiving Day 2 and close

9th Masters International SPRINT GAMES 2017

21st and 22nd January 2017.  Max Aicher Arena, Inzell, Germany
Distances and combination:
Ladies and Men: 500 m, 1000 m (first day), 500 m, 1000 m (second day), four-distance sprint combination
Age Groups:
The competitions take place in five year age groups. Ladies and Men from 30

The Alternative Elfstedentocht (11-Cities-Tour) at Weissensee

The world's biggest ice sports event with 3000 active participants in speed skating marathons over 50, 100 and 200 km at lake Weissensee in Carinthia.
Mainly the Dutch are attracted by this fascinating sport and have been coming to lake Weissensee every year at the end of January since 1989.
At the ice skating marathons that are open for everyone an unmanageable number of speed skaters cope with the 200 km.
Their target is to get 200 km done on speed skating boots once a year.

Paul Connaghton of Aldwych Speed Club will be there again this year 2017 hoping to complete this gruelling course after injury last year stopped his attempt at a good finish. Best of luck Paul.

Furthermore the Dutch Championships in speed skating and several speed skating criteria for professionals take place. The sportive highlight is the 200 km ice speed skating marathon of the professionals. The world's best marathon speed skaters struggle for the victory in the Dutch Alternative Elfstedentocht.
The world record ‐ set on natural ice at lake Weissensee ‐ stands at 5 hours and 11 minutes.

Dates to take note of 2017

8th January - Filming in Leeuwarden, everyone welcome
14/15 January - Extra training weekend in De Uithof
Inzell training week 27 January to 1 February, advanced UK Speed Skaters
3/4 March - Training Weekend in De Uithof
     clashes with 4th March, Aldwych Open, Guildford
25/26 March - British Championships
     (Announcement and entry forms will be out first week in January)

Introduction Weekend at De Uithof 15th and 16th October 2016

UK Longtrack will be holding an introduction weekend starting at 09:00 on Saturday 15th October and ending at 13:00 on Sunday 16th October.
The introduction weekend will be held at De Uithof, Jaap Edenweg, Den Hagg, Nederlands.
The weekend will include tuition (approximately 1 coach per 4 skaters), instructional lectures regarding the sport of longtrack, technique and training in the UK.
Costs: 85 EUR per person, Skate Hire ‐ 20EUR, Competition Entry ‐ 25EUR
Food and accommodation are not included, however we can recommend local hotels that we have used regularly in the past.
To sign up email

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